Saturday, February 28, 2009

am finally back again after a long holiday..back to where am suppose to be following dreams..building castles back to square one.I want things to be different this life the way I look at things I want to discover myself,my potentialities talk to myself to sleep and find the real me inside me I know this sounds weird but I feel this will help me to finally able to seek the answers that I so long have been longing for.
I am scared and unsure about the future well everybody is I guess..I need to get a grip on my life focus and be long sighted..I finally landed myself with a small job but am happy about it and looking forward to start working which starts tommorrow am seriously nervous because this will be my first job in my whole 26years of my exsistence on this planet earth..I hope I don't mess it up..No!!am not doing that the prosepct of letting something like that happen would be stupidity..sheer dumbness..
I am going to put my best feet forward,start another chapter of my life afresh!!
I am looking forward to it..wish me luck:)

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